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Food Technology & Hospitality Work Book

D. Parkes and P. Moeller

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Product description:

This innovative product takes Food Technology & Hospitality students step-by-step through the process of planning and recording their meal preparations. It contains:

  • Diagrams of classic beef, lamb, pork and veal cuts (in full colour)
  • A table for recording recipes prepared
  • A fully worked example of a completed recipe template
  • 20 recipe planning and recording templates (students complete 1 template per recipe they prepare)
  • Photographs of standard kitchen equipment and utensils
  • Photographs of common knife types
  • Glossary of culinary terms
  • Photograph / note pages
  • SI units of measurement and common conversions

Free downloadable assessment sheets also available from our website.

How does this book help students, teachers and schools?

  • It helps students:
    • Better plan and record their meal preparations and hence maximise their grades.
    • Consolidate all their recipes in one resource and demonstrate their competencies.
  • It helps teachers and assessors:
    • Present a consistent meal preparation planning and reporting process to their students.
    • Make assessment and moderation quicker and easier.
    • Report against consistent marking benchmarks.
    • Gather evidence of competency for each student.reinforce the key steps that students.
  • It helps schools with a shortage of skilled food technology and hospitality teachers raise the academic standard of their kitchen classes.

Which students can use this exercise book?

  • All secondary school students from year 7 to 12.
  • All VET and TAFE Certificate I, II and III hospitality students


“I would highly recommend this book to all Hospitality students & even junior Food Technology students. It has been an excellent resource, especially for the unit of competency ‘Carry out basic workplace calculations’.

This workbook has helped our students learn about costings and overheads, weighing & conversions, time plans & work flow, and food portion control.

I have seen a huge improvement in the way our students plan and write up their kitchen work, and appreciate the valuable contribution this Workbook has made to my lessons.”

Hospitality and Food Technology Teacher, Merici College, ACT.

"A fantastic resource for demonstrating and recording competencies in a school, VET or TAFE learning environment".
VET and TAFE lecturer, Canberra.

"What a great book. Our students will now understand the processes involved in planning and writing up their kitchen work".
Food Science Teacher - Canberra.

"The online assessment resources are excellent and provide various options for assessment and gathering evidence of competencies!"
School Hospitality Coordinator, NSW Secondary School.

Product details:

Title: Food Technology & Hospitality Kitchen Work Book
Author: Dean Parkes and Paula Moeller
Format: Soft cover
Illustrations: Full colour outer & inner covers, black & white throughout
Pages: 52 pages plus cover (Aust).
Publisher: Bindaree Publishing
Publication date: 2010

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