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Science Publication

Science Student's Practical Exercise Book


- Francis Pereira

Hospitality & Cookery Publications

Food Technology & Hospitality Kitchen Work Book


- Dean Parks and Paula Moeller

Hospitality and Commercial Cookery Portfolio


- Dean Parks and Paula Moeller

Study Skills Publications

Assignment and Research Skills Handbook


- Angie Wilcock

Building Success in Secondary School Handbook


- Angie Wilcock

Primary School Publications

My First 500 Words: Children’s Dictionary


- Tiki Pereira

Primary School Student's Writing Planner


- Angie Wilcock

English Language Skills Publications

The JVH Illustrated Text Types, Definitions, Prompts and Plans


- Judith Hall

The JVH Illustrated Word Lists


- Judith Hall

Spelling Rules!


- Judith Hall

Let's Talk About It! The Teacher's Handbook to "Walking Vowels".


- Judith Hall

Touch the Future


- Judith Hall

About us


At Bindaree Publishing, our aim is to promote excellence in education by supplying quality science and other educational materials to schools and learning institutions and to encourage students to explore and question the natural environment that surrounds them.

Bindaree Publishing is a specialist educational publishing house. It focuses on supplying its quality educational materials direct to schools and other educational and academic suppliers such as bookstores, book list providers, newsagencies and other general academic / stationary suppliers.

Our guiding principles are to:

  1. be customer orientated and deliver our best to each and every customer;
  2. provide quality and value for money;
  3. be friendly and helpful;
  4. be appreciative;
  5. be honest, reliable and professional; and
  6. continually strive to improve the quality of our products and customer service.

Bindaree Publishing originally began operations in Australia. Bindaree Publishing now operates in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Bindaree (pronounced "Bin-da ree") is an Aboriginal word meaning river and is named after a significant 'land for wildlife' property located along the magnificant Murrumbidgee River in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. The rocky cliffs, grassy plateaus and open woodlands on this property are home to many endangered and vulnerable fauna and flora species (including platypus, wedge-tailed eagles, rock wallabies, sugar gliders and Rosenberg Monitors) and represent an important site for on-going conservation work and scientific research.

Our people and our publications

At Bindaree Publishing, we recognise that the people best placed to understand what teachers and students need in our classrooms are the teachers and students themselves. That's why we pride ourselves in that all the educational materials we publish or distribute are actually written by experienced teachers and educators.

Francis Pereira

Francis is the author of our very popular Science Student's Practical Exercise Book and has been a senior science and mathematics teacher at a large boys school in Canberra Australia for the past 13 years. He is also on the Australian Capital Territory's Board of Studies for both Chemistry and Biology Curriculum. He originally identified the need for this science exercise book through his own experiences and observations in the classroom.

Dean Parkes

Dean has 20 years experience as a chef and trainer in the Hospitality Industry and holds a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, Diploma in Hospitality, and Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training.  Previously a Culinary Skills lecturer at Canberra Institute of Technology, Dean is currently teaching Food Technology and Certificate I & II in Hospitality at St Edmunds College Canberra. In 2007, Dean received an Initiative in Training Award at the 2007 ACT Training Excellence Awards. In 2008, Dean then won the VET in schools award in the ACT Training Awards.

Paula Moeller

Paula is the Food Science Coordinator at St Edmund’s College Canberra.  She has 14 years teaching and hospitality industry experience in Australia, the United Kingdom and Turkey, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Education, a Certificate II in Hospitality, a Certificate IV as a Workplace Assessor, an Accor Academie (Front of House Operations) and a TESOL Certificate from St George’s College London.

In 2006 and 2007, Dean Parkes and Paula Moeller led the St Edmund’s College Food Technology and Hospitality entries in the Secondary Schools Culinary competition held by the Australian Culinary Federation.  Their students achieved first place in both the 2006 and 2007 Australian finals and second place in the 2006 international finals.  In the 2007 international finals held in Taiwan, their students excelled, winning first place.  Congratulations to Dean, Paula and their St Edmund’s College students.

Angie Wilcock

Angie Wilcock has a strong background in teaching, and is a mum of two sons. She works with teachers, parents and students across Australia in the area of transition to secondary school.

She has had numerous articles on transition, learning styles and time management strategies published in national and state educational journals and on educational websites, and consults on best practice in middle years schooling.

Angie joined the Generation Next team in 2010 and works with experts in their field such as Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Dr Andrew Fuller presenting to parents nationally on issues of adolescent mental health and well being.

Judith Hall

Judith is the author of our range of language skills publications. She has 25 years experience teaching kindergarten, infants, primary, high school and university students, and working as an education researcher consultant. During this time she has produced over 70 publications, CD Rom educational programs and magazine articles, and has been awarded the NSW Department of Education's Medal for Service to Children.

Our commitment to environmental education

Bindaree Publishing is keenly aware that today's generation of school students will all to soon inherit responsibility for managing the delicate balance between economic development and environmental conservation and sustainability.

For this reason, Bindaree Publishing places a high priority on promoting environmental awareness and a sense of scientific investigation in our students.

To help us achieve this objective, Bindaree Publishing is proud to support Waterwatch Australia.

Waterwatch is a national community water quality monitoring network that assists almost 3,000 school and other community groups across Australia to become involved and active in the protection and management of their waterways and catchments.

Your right to privacy

At Bindaree Publishing, we are very aware of your right to privacy when using our website or dealing with our business. For this reason, we have prepared a Privacy Policy which details information about how we will ensure to protect the privacy of your personal details. Please take a moment to view this policy document.

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